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doctor bathmate confodenceMany men all over the world are concerned about the size of their penis, which cannot satisfy a lover. This concerns triggered by many sources, ranging from widespread misconceptions about typical penis size, an overemphasis on the importance of this measure, and a cultural view of genital size as a sign of personal masculinity.

Men always consider their penis size to be critical — many cultures associate penis size with masculinity. Throughout the ages, he has symbolized qualities such as virility, fertility, strength, ability, and courage.

Some men try hard to increase their penis size. The Indian mystics known as Sadhus have been known to stretch their penises from an early age by hanging a weight on them, while the Topinama tribes in Brazil encourage poisonous snakes to bite their penis to enlarge it.

Feeling anxious cannot satisfy your partner can damage a man’s confidence and affect his social life. Do many men ask about the size of the average penis? According to the study, “Am I Normal?” The average man has a penis length of 5.16 inches when erect. And the average penis thickness is 4.59 inches.

To overcome this anxiety, John Oakes developed a hydrotherapy pump specifically designed to help overcome this problem called Bathmate.


Bathmate is the best-selling penis pump on the market. Since its launch in 2006, more than 1 million men have chosen Bathmate products as a method to permanently increase their penis size, with the percentage of satisfied customers reaching almost 85%. The secret to success is the patented Hydropump technology, which delivers far better results than most other penis pumps.

This new generation penis enlargement device helps increase more massive penis size, stronger erections, and better sexual endurance. With “only 15 minutes” using a hydro pump regularly, it can increase the size of your penis up to 3 inches long and 30% larger. The most significant advantage ever reported with the use of a penis pump from Bathmate is about 5 inches. And although not everyone will be able to achieve this result. Such results make the brand unique and show that it is a real innovator in the men’s enhancement industry.

This bathmate pump is water-based, not air. The aim is to make a vacuum effect that stimulates blood flow to the penis area more effectively. When the pump filled with water, the penis is inserted in, and all are firmly attached to the body, the pressure created inside the pump itself causes blood to flow to the penis like a healthy erection, but is stronger and longer-lasting.

All Bathmate products undergo rigorous dermatological tests at each stage before production and use high-quality ingredients such as silicone that is safe for the skin, high strength polycarbonate, and high-quality stainless steel — making this device very safe to use without having to think about the injuries that will be experienced due to the use of this penis enlargement device.



hydro series

The world’s first and original hydro pump range. Perfect if you are starting and don’t want to break the bank.

The Hydro series is designed to support most users around the world. This series is ideal for those who have a penis length between 5 and 7 inches during erection.

The Hydromax series has a power of 35% higher than the hydro series. This series is the best-selling hydro pump on the market. 92% of people who use Hydromax penis pumps are satisfied – be prepared to join them. With real and permanent growth in penis size, erectile hardness, and overall confidence.

hydroxtreme series

The latest edition of the Hydromax series. If you are looking for real penis pump strength, the HydroXtreme series is the best choice for you. By using a rich set of handballs, you will be able to quickly maximize pressure, create truly incomparable enhancements to penis size, erection quality and more.



The penis consists of three spongy tissues, namely two corpora cavernosa and Corpus spongiosum which function to absorb blood around the penis and make the penis erect. The corpus cavernosa contains a central artery and lie on the top half of the penis. They are cylindrical tubes that carry the most blood when the penis is erect. Whereas Corpus spongiosum, the tissue that is under two corpus cavernosa and surrounds the urethra, is a pipe for urine and sperm.

When a man gets an erection, the nerves around his penis become active, causing the muscles around the arteries to relax and more blood to flow into the penis. These three tissues then absorb additional blood, making the penis stiff and hard, or often called an erection.

Bathmate Hydromax is a new generation of penis enlargement pumps. This is made for use in water, no matter whether in the bathroom or bathtub. Unlike the ordinary penis pumps, they do not use a conventional vacuum. This device is the only pump that provides permanent and safe results without side effects or adverse effects on penis health. Bathmate Hydropump creates a vacuum inside the plastic tube. The vacuum forces your enlarged penis to fill the inside of the cell, which forces blood into your penis, stretching and inflating your penis. At first, you are only bigger because you are “excited”, but in the end, you can achieve long-term penis growth.

When men get an erection, our brain releases hormones for our body to send maximum blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa (penis chamber) which fills them and creates firmer erections. Hydropump uses a vacuum to enlarge the penis, forcing more blood into it and effectively causing an erection. This is the reason why this pump has been used for years to treat ED. By using it daily, it causes blood vessels to dilate where the penis allows more blood to fill the erection space, and it makes the erection harder and bigger.

In short, what Bathmate is doing is making an erection using suction. When you draw blood into the corpus cavernosa, the penis becomes erect. The lymphatic system is also stimulated and causes oxidation of blood cells and removes toxins for overall better penis health. The mechanism is simple and easy to use. The Bathmate increases sex confidence by increasing your size, but most of us who use it regularly pay attention to a massive increase in sexual stamina too. The main focus is length and thickness, and that is what you will immediately notice when you use Bathmate.



The bathmate penis pump provides a variety of positive effects for the user. In a recent survey, 70% of respondents noted an increase in size, 76% saw better erections, and 75% noted a marked boost in their self-confidence, with the number rising greatly after a full month of routine use. Many doctors recommend this device because of its effectiveness, low risk and cheaper when compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments


We are fully convinced that you will have fun using a penis bathmate pump. As such, you will get a no-question return option for 60 days, along with a 2-year warranty and free shipping.


The security of our customers is very important to us, so we ensure that all Bathmate products are made with ingredients that are safe for the body. Using medical grade materials that include silicone that is safe for the skin, high strength polycarbonate, and quality stainless steel as well as tested by Aspen Clinical Research to be safe for use in the genital area.


To get the best results from the Bathmate penis pump, you have to use it every day. With a unique water-based design from Bathmate, making it comfortable and easy to use along with your bathing activities, giving you a real size and increased self-confidence without clumsiness.


Over the years, we have created a large selection of products that suit all types of users, with our three range penis pumps and a full choice of Bathmate / Bedroom Accessories so that you really have the best time.


"I have been using Bathmate products for about five years, and have had great results. I started with the Hercules, then the x30, then moved on to the Hydromax Extreme 40 I had results with the others but the Extreme 40 is the best so far I gained half an inch of girth and my erections are harder than they ever been. When I first started using the Hercules I was 5.5 base girth about 6.5 length erect now I’m 6.25-6.75 girth and now 7- 7.25in length erect."
"I've been using the Hydromax X30 and had to write you. It has been amazing and is so convenient. I've easily been able to work it into my morning routine and again when I return home from work in the afternoons. Others I have tried are not as convenient and are not as comfortable. With this one, you can use it several times a day and it's cool. My erections are larger, harder, and my urge has grown too. I've never enjoyed working on myself so much."
Trevor J
New York
bathmate confidence guarantee


The company are completely confident that user will have a great experience in using Bathmate penis pumps. So, they offer a 60 days return option, along with a 2 years product warranty and completely free delivery. With a long track record of company, millions user worldwide, you can’t be wrong if choose Bathmate as the best male enhancement device for you.

The length of the refund period is sufficient to assess all the benefits the device can provide.

However, your money is protected. And you won’t lose it if something goes wrong.